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Meet Anastasia Egorova


Anastasia Egorova

Anastasia Egorova started agility as a junior handler back in 2004 with a German Spitz and her mother's Yorkshire terrier. She soon started competing with her trainer’s dogs. She was a Russia Junior Champion in team and individual both FCI and IFCS. Anastasia got her first border collie in 2008, and did agility and obedience. Her next dog, Chase, was multiple times regional and national champion both FCI and IFCS Russian National Team member at WAC IFCS 2016-2018. AWC FCI National Team member in Zaragoza 2016 where they won gold in Team Agility Large course and also won Team Large overall. Chase is aldo Team IFCS World Champion 2018. In addition, he has 4 individual medals from IFCS Worlds during 2016-2017. Anastasia made EO 2018 Team finals. In 2019 got on multiple podiums at WAO with two dogs, including a bronze medal in Games with her younger dog and silver in Pentatlon with Chase. Anastasia has been training, giving seminars and judging since 2011. She currently competes with three border collies and a german spitz. Anastasia is a long-time student of Susan Garrett, whom she considers the person who influenced her the most as a trainer, competitor and an amazing person. In my training try to combine — teaching dogs independent obstacles skills, distance work, send and leave, but also trust the dog to do their job while doing hers. She does not like rushing puppies into early training, strongly believe in foundations and bodywork as a proper start to long-lasting and successful career.

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