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This window closes soon, use your Earlybird Code: anastasia20 at the checkout to get 20% off before March 11th. join us for 12 weeks of interactive learning and 4 live webinars for students only to discuss their training with multiple world medalist, Anastasia Egorova.

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This window closes soon, join us for 12 weeks of interactive learning and 4 live webinars for students only to discuss their training with multiple world medalist, Anastasia Egorova. You can join as a Handler or as View Only Access through Auditing. Auditors will still have interactive Webinar Access.

What you will learn

12 lessons released weekly, full interactive support, video analysis and six live webinars

  • 12 Lessons - 3 Big Topics

    Join us for 12 video lessons and 4 live coaching catch ups covering three big topics:
 Verbals shaping dog’s lines on the course,
Obstacle Discrimination and Independent Performance and,
Distance Handling. This course if essential for building foundation skills for younger dogs and also more experienced dogs that are lacking independence and distance skills on a course.

  • You will learn:

    You will learn vital verbals as well as additional handling problem-solving skills, including special exercises in distraction work and proofing for independent obstacle performance under competition arousal. You will grow each verbal from basics towards integrating it into course work at speed. For the first 8 lessons you will need up to three jumps, a tunnel (optional) and a backyard size field.

  • What we cover:

    Course work starts March 5 but you can get a head start now with Lessons One and Two. Directionals, Backsides, Threadles, collection and extension jumps, bypasses and forward drive verbals, tunnel turns, verbal discrimination. Including complicated Gamblers sequences and adding distance skills to make your coursework shine.

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What our students said....

12 weeks - 4 live coaching catch ups - 12 months access

  • This course created clarity for my dog who now has become even more confident and therefore become even faster. Having an understanding of line cues, obstacle cues, and directional cues really helps everything from course walking and planning to preventing off courses and general confusion!

  • The 🎉🎉🎉 feeling when you finally get a chance to watch the Lesson 6 catch up video. Feel motivated. Go out and have a good training session where it feels like the dog is really trying to think. 😀😀😀 Thank you for organising such a great online course. - Mel

  • I was extremely curious how the Russian handlers have such great distance handling skills and confident dogs. Anastasia's promotional video of her handling a 3 jump sequence with directionals, pushes, and threadles was amazing to watch.

  • The video lessons are short, straight forward, and to the point - no wasting time. I actually prefer doing the webinars for getting more detailed feedback as you can learn from the other students and get immediate answers. The exercises are top notch!

  • I now know what TRUE verbals are...very rare. Most people who think they have verbals do not. I have proven this with some of my own students and training partners. Verbals are an illusion caused by physical cues. The counter-motion work will show if you have a true verbal. We now have rock solid left/right/go for jumps and much improved distances for threadles and backsides.

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