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Time is running out... This window closes soon, use your Earlybird Code: anastasia20 at the checkout to get 20% off before March 11th. join us for 12 weeks of interactive learning and 4 live webinars for students only to discuss their training with multiple world medalist, Anastasia Egorova.

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Who can benefit from this course?

So many of us now know what top agility competitors have always focussed on. Foundations! If you don't have the building blocks in place through solid foundations then we risk injury, lack of clarity and ultimately the long term health of our sporting dogs. This course is for anyone wanting to compete in Agility, learning from multiple world medalist, Anastasia Egorova.

  • New puppies that will go on to be sporting dogs.

  • Dogs that have holes in their foundation training.

  • Older dogs starting out on their Agility journey.

  • Any dog who you want to go on to run with confidence and a brilliant relationship.

  • Any team looking for clarity in their training, you will have full feedback through video submissions and four webinars where you talk directly with Anastasia.

Pricing options

Options for Handling and Auditing available, including monthly payment options. Course Closes March 5th with earlybird discount closing March 11th. Use 'anastasia20' at the checkout

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Course curriculum

Released in two week blocks so you can work from start to finish! Fortnightly Webinars where you chat directly with Anastasia.

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    Week One Lesson One

  • 4

    Week Two Lesson Three

    • Week Two - Lesson Three: Progressing Crate Games, Start Line Stay on Table With Distractions, Food Focus & Start Line Stays In Difficult Environments, Growing Tugging, Two On Two Off and Foundations For Future Weaves.

  • 5

    Week Two Lesson Four

    • Week Two - Lesson Four: Turns On The Peanut, 'Spider', Stretching, 1-2-3-Get It!, Nose Target, Social Reinforcement

  • 6

    Week Three

    • Week Three - Lesson Five - Turns on a Balance Disc, Balance Pods, Balancing on Two Objects and Building Handler Focus

  • 7

    Week Three

    • Week Three - Lesson Six: Advanced Start Lines and Focus, Getting Used To The See-Saw Noise, Back Chaining The See-Saw, Jump Grids

  • 8

    Week Four

    • Week Four - Lesson Seven - Advancing 2on/2off position, Cookie stretches to the shoulders, Cookie stretches to the hip, Coming to a hand after wrapping an object, Wraps with arm changes + come to hand, Reverse Retrieve

    • Week Four - Lesson Eight - Send to Crate, Recall Games, Send to a Food Plate, Advancing 'come to hand' cue, Swimming

  • 9

    Week Five

    • Week Five - Lesson Ten - Wobble Boards, Turning Matwork into a Skill, Foundation for Future Weaving (Advanced), Reverse Retrieve (Advanced), Restrained Recalls, and Send to a Nose Target

    • Week Five - Lesson Nine - Introduction to Matwork, Send to a crate (Advanced), Send to a Food Target (Advanced), Nose Target on the Floor, “Frog dance” and Introduction to Walking Backwards

    • Coaching Catchup April 2/3

  • 10

    Week Six

    • Week Six - Lesson Eleven - Progressing cavalletti, 2on/2off position + nose target, Advanced reverse retrieve with distractions, ‘Come to hand’ verbal with distractions, Verbal cues in motion

    • Week Six - Lesson Twelve - ‘Down’ from motion, Advancing the end behaviour on the see-saw, Tight turns foundations, ‘Come to hand’ expert level, Introducing a straight tunnel, Advanced cavalletti

  • 11

    Week Seven

    • Week Seven - Lesson Thirteen - Cone Work, Curved tunnel, Tunnel turns with and without a helper, Jump grids for turns, Distance send grids

    • Week Seven - Lesson Fourteen - Growing distance and independence in handling, Verbal lefts-right, Side steps, Balance pods (rear feet), Jump grid for turns (progression)

  • 12

    Week Eight

    • Week Eight - Lesson Fifteen - Advanced distractions for crate games, Verbal discriminations, Mat work with cone wraps, Four pods, Positions on a peanut for a warm-up routine

    • Week Eight Lesson Sixteen - Advanced distractions for start-lines. Same side handling, Advanced crate games, Advanced balance work, Side steps over cavalettis

  • 13

    Week Nine

    • Week 9 - Lesson 17 - Distance send to cones, “Finnish ring” Advancing distraction training by working close to another dog, Positions on two peanuts, Turn grids at speed

    • Week 9 – Lesson 18 - Offering front feet, Parallel work with two dogs taking turns, “Place” with some distractions, Walking backwards in a busy environment, Collection jump grid

    • Week 9 – Lesson 19 - Adding verbal cues to offering front feet; One handler working two dogs in turns - advanced skills; Parallel work with one handler and two dogs; Advanced skills with another dog and handler as a distraction; Complex turn grid

  • 14

    Week Ten

    • Week 10 – Lesson 20 – Introducing distance and start-line stays into advanced matwork; Distraction work for start-line stays; Verbal discrimination for lifting back feet; 2on/2off on a fit bone; Stride-adjustment grid

    • Week 10 – Lesson 21 – 2on/2off on the dogwalk plank; Advancing front feet lifting; Advancing weaver foundations; Plank work for a running dog walk; Recalls with extreme distractions

    • Week 10 – Lesson 22 - Featuring small dogs - Food focus with a puppy with predominant food drive; Tug drive with a puppy with predominant food drive; Swapping toys; Pods with small dogs; Foundation

  • 15

    Week 11

    • Week 11 – Lesson 23 – Featuring small dogs - Full body balance exercise; Line of objects; Tugging in the presence of food; Tugging in a new place with distractions; Basic jump grids

    • Week 11 – Lesson 24 – Featuring small dogs - Nose target at the end of the see-saw; Introducing see-saw motion; Four feet on balance pods; Bounce grid with a small dog; Take-off point calculation grid

    • Week 11 – Lesson 25 - Multi-wraps; Matwork - growing a little speed and distance; Matwork on a full plank; Introducing the tyre; Introducing the full see-saw

  • 16

    Week Twelve

    • Week 12 – Lesson 26 - End position on the see-saw; Full plank at speed; Nose targets in arousal; Wobble board with a small dog; Two wobble boards with a small dog

    • Week 12 – Lesson 27 - Directional cues on two jumps; Introducing “backsides”; Holding the 2on/2off position; Nose touch to hand in arousal; Foundations for “sit pretty”

    • Week 12 – Lesson 28 - Advancing sequencing with two jumps; Forward send from a tunnel; Turns out of a straight tunnel; Turns out of a curved tunnel and difficult tunnel entries; Turns on a donut

    • Week 12 – Lesson 29 - Short sequencing on two jumps and a tunnel; Restrained 2on/2off; Holding 2on/2off position after being restrained; Directional and backside cues on two jumps; Complicated S-shaped cavalettis

About Anastasia Egorova


Anastasia Egorova

Anastasia Egorova started agility as a junior handler back in 2004 with a German Spitz and her mother's Yorkshire terrier. She soon started competing with her trainer’s dogs. She was a Russia Junior Champion in team and individual both FCI and IFCS. Anastasia got her first border collie in 2008, and did agility and obedience. Her next dog, Chase, was multiple times regional and national champion both FCI and IFCS Russian National Team member at WAC IFCS 2016-2018. AWC FCI National Team member in Zaragoza 2016 where they won gold in Team Agility Large course and also won Team Large overall. Chase is aldo Team IFCS World Champion 2018. In addition, he has 4 individual medals from IFCS Worlds during 2016-2017. Anastasia made EO 2018 Team finals. In 2019 got on multiple podiums at WAO with two dogs, including a bronze medal in Games with her younger dog and silver in Pentatlon with Chase. Anastasia has been training, giving seminars and judging since 2011. She currently competes with three border collies and a german spitz. Anastasia is a long-time student of Susan Garrett, whom she considers the person who influenced her the most as a trainer, competitor and an amazing person. In my training try to combine — teaching dogs independent obstacles skills, distance work, send and leave, but also trust the dog to do their job while doing hers. She does not like rushing puppies into early training, strongly believe in foundations and bodywork as a proper start to long-lasting and successful career.

Testimonials for Anastasia

'Anastasia’s joy and passion for training and teaching.. shines'

by Cathy Slot

I have been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to train my own dog Axel with Anastasia, handle her border collie Chase (Peak Performance) at the IFCS World Agility Championships, watch Anastasia teach in Australia as well as her own students in Moscow and also participate in an online coaching clinic with her. Anastasia’s Agility training programme builds strong foundations and body awareness and then progresses that to create a lovely balance of verbal cues and handling skills. These have seen her achieve multiple podiums at World Championships with different dogs/breeds. Anastasia’s joy and passion for training and teaching always shine, helping participants and their dog move to the next level. Cathy Slot OAM AgilityClick

'I really value the time we spent training with her.'

by Dr Penny Mead BVSc (Hons)

I had the pleasure of working with Anastasia with my Border Terrier Scout. Things that struck me were her incredible observation and apparent photographic memory that meant she could give us all pinpoint feedback and coaching. She had high expectations for every team to push to be their best. She was a very clear teacher and gave succinct and specific tips and skills for each team. I really value the time we spent training with her.

'I love Anastasia‘s attention to detail'

Natalie Kirkwood

I had to opportunity to be coached by Anastasia in 2019 with my puppy Torch. I love Anastasia‘s attention to detail and she has so many ideas for individual things that pop up for such a variety of dogs. I'd recommend this foundations course for anyone wanting to build those layers of understanding in their training.

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