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Anastasia Egorova

Anastasia Egorova started agility as a junior handler back in 2004 with a German Spitz and her mother's Yorkshire terrier. She soon started competing with her trainer’s dogs. She was a Russia Junior Champion in team and individual both FCI and IFCS. Anastasia got her first border collie in 2008, and did agility and obedience. Her next dog, Chase, was multiple times regional and national champion both FCI and IFCS Russian National Team member at WAC IFCS 2016-2018. AWC FCI National Team member in Zaragoza 2016 where they won gold in Team Agility Large course and also won Team Large overall. Chase is aldo Team IFCS World Champion 2018. In addition, he has 4 individual medals from IFCS Worlds during 2016-2017. Anastasia made EO 2018 Team finals. In 2019 got on multiple podiums at WAO with two dogs, including a bronze medal in Games with her younger dog and silver in Pentatlon with Chase. Anastasia has been training, giving seminars and judging since 2011. She currently competes with three border collies and a german spitz. Anastasia is a long-time student of Susan Garrett, whom she considers the person who influenced her the most as a trainer, competitor and an amazing person. In my training try to combine — teaching dogs independent obstacles skills, distance work, send and leave, but also trust the dog to do their job while doing hers. She does not like rushing puppies into early training, strongly believe in foundations and bodywork as a proper start to long-lasting and successful career.

Come join our online community for Foundations for Agility Dogs

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Come join our online community for Foundations for Agility Dogs

This course is designed to grow your relationship and skill level for you and your puppy or new dog. This is also for the dog that missed these crucial foundation steps and is now needing to revisit those skills. No specific equipment is needed, just a commitment to giving your dog the best start they can get.

Who can benefit from this course?

Right now many of us are limited in where we can and what equipment we have, we've kept this simple for you to make the most out of getting your dog the essential skills to be the best Agility Dog he can be.

  • New puppies that will go on to be sporting dogs.

  • Dogs that have holes in their foundation training.

  • Older dogs starting out on their Agility journey.

  • Any dog who you want to go on to run with confidence and a brilliant relationship.

Course curriculum

Released in two week blocks so you can work from start to finish!

The Classroom opens on September 19 but you can join from September 1st, register to be kept up to date!

Testimonials for Anastasia

'Anastasia’s joy and passion for training and teaching.. shines'

by Cathy Slot

I have been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to train my own dog Axel with Anastasia, handle her border collie Chase (Peak Performance) at the IFCS World Agility Championships, watch Anastasia teach in Australia as well as her own students in Moscow and also participate in an online coaching clinic with her. Anastasia’s Agility training programme builds strong foundations and body awareness and then progresses that to create a lovely balance of verbal cues and handling skills. These have seen her achieve multiple podiums at World Championships with different dogs/breeds. Anastasia’s joy and passion for training and teaching always shine, helping participants and their dog move to the next level. Cathy Slot OAM AgilityClick

'I really value the time we spent training with her.'

by Dr Penny Mead BVSc (Hons)

I had the pleasure of working with Anastasia with my Border Terrier Scout. Things that struck me were her incredible observation and apparent photographic memory that meant she could give us all pinpoint feedback and coaching. She had high expectations for every team to push to be their best. She was a very clear teacher and gave succinct and specific tips and skills for each team. I really value the time we spent training with her.

'I love Anastasia‘s attention to detail'

Natalie Kirkwood

I had to opportunity to be coached by Anastasia in 2019 with my puppy Torch. I love Anastasia‘s attention to detail and she has so many ideas for individual things that pop up for such a variety of dogs. I'd recommend this foundations course for anyone wanting to build those layers of understanding in their training.

Pricing options

You can pay for this in one payment or break it down into three monthly payments. Prices are in Australian Dollars too! Which is a saving for those using Euros or US Dollars!